Reach Your Goals with the Help of Your Own Dietitian

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  • Get a plan fully customized to you and your lifestyle
  • Healthy metabolism focused approach to help you maintain long-term success
  • Habit based approach for sustainable change 
  • Use our client app so you never have to go it alone
  • Learn how to manage or prevent diabetes through diet
  • Carbohydrate and blood sugar stable eating pattern education
  • Guidance on size and timing of meals
  • Wholistic approach that includes management of other issues (weight management, fatty liver, etc.)
  • Optimize your diet for cardiovascular health
  • Diet based strategies to manage high cholesterol/triglycerides and hypertension
  • Weight management
  • Comprehensive diet therapy to help you clear problematic fat from your liver and promote long-term liver health
  • Wholistic approach including treatment for any additional underlying conditions
  • Manage your digestive health through diet
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Diverticulitis/diverticulosis

Most of Our Patients Pay $0 Out-of-pocket with their Insurance!

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Real People, Real Results

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A Few Client Stats:

Lives Transformed
Pounds Lost for Good
Lab Values Back in Normal Range

About The Dietitian Center

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The Dietitian Center’s mission is to make access to the highest quality nutrition care available to all. Bringing together accessibility, affordability and quality was our north star when we launched The Dietitian Center. And as an in-network provider with the major insurance companies, it makes our services as affordable as possible for the patients who walk through our doors—many of them end up paying $0 out of pocket to get the services they need, which is truly incredible. Today The Dietitian Center serves patients in multiple locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and via telehealth to over 20 states.